The Eco Solar Power Difference

If you own a farm, holiday resort, residential or business property anywhere in Southern Africa, our team of energy experts and engineers are prepared to show you why no other solar installation company compares and why we are routinely given top reviews by our customers.

Consultative Approach

Some solar companies focus on cost cutting methods, reducing of equipment and suppling inferior products. Whiles others focus on a particular brand of solar panels, batteries or inverters. Often, they have unskilled labour and inexperience management with little to no training at all. All of this is to ensure that they are getting the contract. This will get the job done, but the only guarantee a client will get from these types of workmanships is inconsistency, constant failure and endless headcases. However, this does not meet our standards! We only install well knowns and respected brands of solar panels, batteries, inverters and hardware as we would like our systems to be around for a life time without any failure. 

Our main difference comparing to the most of our competitors is:

  • Focus on the client and its individual needs.
  • After contacting us, we will arrange a meeting for a on-site visit to conduct a full assessment and to analyse the client’s requirements.
  • During that meeting, we will ask questions to fully understand the client’s objectives.
  • Back at the office, we will look in to every aspect of the client’s requirements and design an appropriate system.
  • We will schedule a second meeting to discuss the way forward.
  • Show and explain the cost savings with our unique price comparison program.
  • On the completion of the installation, the client will receive a custom operators manual.
  • We offer a two year guarantee on all our workmanship.

Customized Solutions

All solar installations is done with the client’s specific goals and needs in mind. Whether the goal is to save money, promoting the use of green energy, the combination of the two, or some other reason entirely. Through the careful selection of equipment, the calculation of its expected output, and understanding your financial objectives, we will design a system that meets or exceeds your goals, needs and expectations.

Local Knowledge

Eco Solar Power has been serving Gauteng and Limpopo for almost a decade. This has provided us with unparoled experience in the industry as well as understanding of the harsh environment.

Strength & Stability

Eco Solar Power enjoys a strong and stable financial foundation that is rooted from the battery reconditioning industry and a rich history of exposure to the solar industry. We’re committed to being here for our clients through the years ahead. We were founded by a group of forward thinkers who joined forces and has undertaken to give nothing but our very best to our clients. From state of the art equipment to constant in staff training. Our proud mutual heritage (in various sectors) and ongoing commitment to our clients help us continue to put all of customers first.


Our strength is in our commitment and our stability is in our consistency.