At Eco Solar Power we design and install custom made off grid solar powered systems as well as UPSes (back-up power during power failures). Our aim is to design systems that will reduce the reliability on utility sourced power. Proud to have a unique in-house design team and backed solar power experts and engineers, we provide affordable solutions to all our clients. Our services start with an initial on-site assessment, supply and installation, to commissioning - a complete turnkey solution. Our combined resources provide full-service contracts, energy expertise, manufacturers backup service and guarantees. We strictly adhere to all electrical installation regulations, that must be enforce and adhere to - SANS 10142-1

Our systems are designed with a lifetime performance in mind. Using only premium quality components (inverters, solar panels, batteries, hardware, etc) that is fully backed by manufacturer’s guarantees which comply with various international standards with associated supporting structures.

Our clientele includes, from residential to commercial, farms to holiday resorts, and businesses – we do it all. Our services are available throughout Southern Africa.

*** Our strength is in our commitment and our stability is in our consistency. ***




Did you know?
  • A solar powered system can add up tp 3 times its value to your property.
  • The avarge payback period for a solar power system is 3 to 5 years.
  • As utility tarrifs increases, the pay back period will shorten...
  • Solar power is now about 35% cheaper than 5 years ago.
  • The entire system is completly maintenance free.
  • Batteries can last up to 22 years.
  • The system operate completely independent and seamlessly, no need for switching or changing anything - a "hands of system".
  • No need for noisy, smelly and smokey generators that requires constant maintenance and that are affected by increasing fuel prices.


Eco Solar Power provides custom made solutions for solar powered systems. Our aim is to design systems that will reduce electricity costs for commercial and private clients focusing on farmers, holiday resorts, residential and small to medium business owners. We service customers throughout Southern Africa as we understand the unique climate conditions, incentive programs, utility requirements, and municipal building codes and regulations that impact the solar industry in South Africa.
Proud to have a unique in-house design team and solar power experts, we provide custom and affordable solutions to commercial and private clients.  We are confident that we do solar right, from an initial consultation on power demand and consumption, through complete turnkey project with supply and installation, and finally to the final commissioning of your new solar powered system. Our combined resources provide full service contracts, energy expertise, manufacturers guarantees on inverters, solar panels, batteries, and custom-built affordable options that are unique in the solar industry.
Eco Solar Power is a proudly South African company backed by experience in the solar battery reconditioning business (Eco Recon Batteries that now falls under the Eco Solar Power banner.) Eco Recon Batteries has successfully developed a method to recondition old / used lead acid batteries that bring them back to life again and carries a one-year guarantee. Hence why we are so confident that this experience will give us a leap above our competitors when it comes to the in-depth understanding and the science of batteries - from the correct load capabilities, charging, and off course proper maintenance and care to ensure the batteries a prolonged life.
Eco Recon Batteries no longer recondition solar batteries.
Building on our experience and scientific approach, we have expanded into the solar industry to expand the scope of services to full solar installations. This will in turn reduce the frequency of replacing batteries which result in huge cost saving to the client in the long run.
Our custom solar powered systems are designed with a lifetime of performance in mind, using premium quality equipment, such as inverters, solar panels, batteries etc., that’s backed by manufacturer’s guarantees with associated supporting structures which comply with various international standards.




 Sustainable supply of renewable green energy that will not harm the
 Increase your property / business value.
 Cost-effective solution with short payback period and minimal maintenance
 Eligible for tax rebates by using green energy.
 Long-term savings in electricity supply.
 Solar energy is free, reliable and not affected by external factors such as poor
   infrastructure or global warming.
 Safe from increase in electricity tariffs, cable-theft, constant power failures
  and load shedding.
 No need for noisy, smelly generators which causes pollution, require constant
  maintenance and are affected by the increasing cost of diesel and petrol.