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Our strength is in our commitment and our stability is in our consistency.


At Eco Solar Power we design and install custom made off grid solar powered systems as well as UPSes (back-up power systems for power failures). Our aim is to design systems that will reduce the reliability on utility sourced power. We pride ourselves  to have a unique in-house design team and backed solar power experts and engineers, so that we can provide affordable solutions to all our clients. Our services start with an initial on-site assessment, supply, installation, to commissioning – a complete turnkey solution. Our combined resources provide full-service contracts, energy expertise, manufacturers backup service and guarantees. We strictly adhere to all electrical installation regulations, that must be enforce and adhere to – SANS 10142.

Our systems are designed with a lifetime performance in mind. Using only premium quality components (inverters, solar panels, batteries, hardware, etc) that is fully backed by manufacturer’s guarantees which comply with various international standards with associated supporting structures.

Our clientele includes, from residential to commercial, farms to holiday resorts, and businesses – we do it all. Our services are available throughout Southern Africa.