About Us

Eco Solar Power has strong product knowledge and understands the science of solar power components and the systems, together with all the challenges that comes with it. From solar panels (to provide power to the loads while maintain charge of the batteries), to inverters (to ensure power to the load and charge capabilities) to the batteries (from power the loads to the correct charging methods) All this combines in harmony to supply the client with seamless, uninterrupted, and reliable power – constantly.

Core Values

  • 1
    Customer Delight
    We want to deliver an exception experience to all our customers.
  • 2
    We strive to demonstrate moral & ethical principles in dealing with clients.
  • 3
    High Work Ethic
    We work diligently to add value in our clients lives.
  • 4
    Quality Workmanship
    We have the skills & drive quality in all work we do.
  • 5
    We invest in relations with our clients, team & partners in order to better all lives concerned.
Team member
Hamzah Vertster

Founded by Hamzah Vertster in 2010. Hamzah comes from a construction background where he has enjoyed the strength and stability that comes with 20 years of experience. He has worked as a project manager for the last 7 years. Over the years, he obtains and develop a strong knowledge and understanding for structural, electrical, and chemical engineering. He worked for one of the big five construction companies in South Africa that has a strong corporate heritage. He certainly understands all challenges that would come his way.

Eco Solar Power is committed to being there for its clients through the years ahead. They were founded by a group of forward thinkers who joined forces and they have undertaken to give nothing but their absolute best to their clients. They supply and install only state-of-the-art, high quality, and premium components. They pride themselves on the quality of our workmanship, keen eye for attention to detail, and the neatness of all their installations.

All their components, materials and hardware are locally sourced from well establish and respected businesses and factories in the industry. This comes with full back-up service, that is fully backed by manufacturer’s guarantees which comply with various international standards with associated supporting structures.

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