Frequently Asked Questions

Take a 15kW lithium battery bank for an example.

The batteries will last for:

  • 10 hours on a consistent load of 1,5kWh (1’500watts).
  • Or 20 hours on a consistent load of 750watts.
  • Or 40 hours on a consistent load of 375 watts.

The design life of the batteries is 8’000 cycles. Meaning one night’s use equal to one cycle. Translate that in to one year and that equals 365 cycles. 8’000 cycles divided by 365 days a year and the equals to 22 years.
Conservatively, the life expectancy of the batteries is 20 years.

The inverter will automatically transfer to utility mode without any interruption in the flow of electricity. Loads will be supplied from the utility source for the remainder of the evening. The solar panels will charge the batteries once the sun rises. Once the yield is high enough, the inverter will transfer back to the solar power source.

The solar panels are probably cover in dust and needs to be cleaned. This is a common problem during the dry and dusty winter months. Dust will drastically reduce the efficiency of the solar panels.

No. Only dusting and cleaning. More especially the solar panels. The solar panels should be cleaned often especially in the dusty and dry winter months. Cleaning should be done very early in the mornings or very late in the afternoons. Remember, solar panels are blue or black and never brown!

A switch / change over comes standard installed with all our systems. This problem can easily be overcome by pulling the switch to the down position to utility. All the loads will now be powered from the utility source. In this case switch all the breakers in the down (off) position. Contact us as soon as possible.

All our systems come standard with breakers to protect the entire system. In case of an overload the breaker will trip. It is designed to protect the inverter and to prevent it from shutting down during an overload. If this happens, ensure that all major loads are switch of / disconnected and then switch the breaker back on again in the up position.

A typical 5kWh installation takes about four to five working days. We always start with the installation on a Monday morning.

Yes, we can issue a COC for our installations. This will be amended / add on to your existing COC.

Yes, all our systems are permanently wired into your DB board. This also complies with SANS 10142.